What is it?

#SportHour is a chance to join us on Twitter and discuss the incredible sporting landscape in Scotland, including ways to get involved in sport, explore new opportunities and hear from the sporting community on a wide range of sporting topics.

When is it?

We will be LIVE with the next #SportHour from 9-10pm on Monday 4 December, as we ask the sporting community to discuss ideas and opinions on a new sporting theme each month.

What is the theme this month?

December's theme is celebration - it's a year end celebration of sport, join the discussion!

How does it work?

It's a Twitter chat we run from our sportscotland Twitter account, which you can follow using the hashtag #SportHour. The aim is to discuss different aspects of sport in Scotland and to get together as one sporting community.

Each month we have a theme which we tell you at the end of the previous #SportHour. You then send us your questions and we pick six from them.

We let you know the questions in advance so that you can plan your answers. On the day itself, we start about 8.45pm and the questions begin from 9pm.

The questions will be asked, one every 10 minutes from 9pm. Remember to include 'A1' in your answer for Q1 and so on for all six questions. Tag your answer with #SportHour so that everyone can see your contribution.

An example is: 'A1 I recently joined the local hockey team, met some great friends, got fit & now I feel fantastic! #SportHour'

You can check out our Storify to catch up on #SportHour and see it working for yourself! Watch our Storify here

What are the questions this month?

1. What does success in sport mean to you? #SportHour
2. What three things would you like to celebrate about sport right now? #SportHour
3. What is your favourite ever celebration of sport? Pictures if you have them! #SportHour
4. What more do you think could be done to celebrate sport in Scotland? #SportHour
5. Describe your dream sporting celebration event. #SportHour
6. What are you most looking forward to celebrating in sport in 2018? #SportHour

When is next month's #SportHour? 

Monday 8 January 2018 from 9-10pm - we're giving you an extra week to get ready!

How do I submit question ideas for the next #SportHour? 

Tweet us @sportscotland and we will add them to the list!


Date published: 03 November 2016
Date updated: 28 November 2017


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