What is it?

#SportHour is a chance to join us on Twitter and discuss the incredible sporting landscape in Scotland, including ways to get involved in sport, explore new opportunities and hear from the sporting community on a wide range of sporting topics.

When is it?

We will be LIVE with the next #SportHour at 2pm on Monday 4 December 2023.

The December theme will focus on a year in sport.

How does it work?

#SportHour is an informal LIVE Twitter conversation that we run from @sportscotland  which you can follow using the hashtag #SportHour. The aim is to discuss different aspects of sport in Scotland, to challenge, to share and to have a conversation where everyone can have their say.  

There’s a different theme each month which we share in advance and we announce the questions and co-hosts in the week leading up to #SportHour. You can prepare your answers in advance if that works for you, then you can get involved in the LIVE conversation, liking, sharing and responding to what others are posting.

On the day itself, we will start about 1.45pm and the questions begin from 2pm. The questions will be asked every 20 minutes starting at 2pm.  

On the day, remember to include 'A1' in your answer for Q1 and so on for all three questions. And please remember to use #SportHour in all your posts so that everyone can see your contribution. 

An example is: 'A1 I recently joined the local hockey team, met some great friends, got fit & now I feel fantastic! #SportHour' 

To view others' responses, search #SportHour on Twitter and select 'latest tweets' (Latest #SportHour tweets) You can then engage with other people's answers by liking, retweeting, quote tweeting or replying.


  • 2pm - What has been your sporting highlight of 2023?
  • 2:20pm - What has been the biggest sporting success or achievement that you have had this year? 
  • 2:40pm - What impact has sport had on your local community, school or club over the past 12 months?

Highlights from previous months

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 23 November 2023


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