National evaluation of the Community Sport Hub programme

About the research:

In April 2014 sportscotland commissioned ODS Consulting to evaluate the Community Sport Hub (CSH) programme.  The research collected learning around how hubs are working, how they are connecting and working with local sport clubs, how they are connecting with the local community, how and if local community needs are being taken into account.  The research also collected evidence around the impact of leadership and leadership development on the success of hubs.    

Key findings from the research:

  • The role of the hub officer has been critical to the success of the programme, complementing that of volunteers.
  • The research suggests that awareness of CSHs is highest amongst sport clubs.
  • The nature and level of activity to engage the wider community varied between CSHs.
  • There have been opportunities for local people to take up a range of leadership and voluntary roles, and even to take ownership of local assets.
  • New partnership and joint working between clubs has been a major success of the programme.

As well as national level data the research looked in detail at 10 CSHs and details of these are available in the evaluation profiles. 

Outputs from research: