Fit For Girls Evaluation Interim Report 2

Fit for Girls is a joint programme between sportscotland and the Youth Sport Trust which promotes physical activity among girls aged 11-16, specifically those who are least likely to be active.

Funded by the Scottish Government, Fit for Girls aims to bring about sustainable change in schools and build a positive future for girls participation in lifelong physical activity.

The first interim report from the evaluation was published in early 2010 and presented findings from a baseline survey of S2 girls in all secondary schools across Scotland. This second interim report presents baseline findings from a survey of Physical Education staff and Active School coordinators in all secondary schools across Scotland undertaken during the beginning of Year 2 of the programme. In addition, baseline findings from focus groups with low active girls undertaken during Year 1 of the programme are also presented.

By the end of September 2010, 327 of the 372 mainstream secondary schools and 13 of the 27 Additional Support Needs (ASN) secondary schools were engaged in the Fit for Girls programme. A national evaluation of the programme is being conducted by the Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit (CAHRU) at the University of Edinburgh.

Date published: 21 June 2023
Date updated: 21 June 2023


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