Evaluation of £2m supplementary investment to SGBs

In October 2017 sportscotland commissioned EKOS Limited and Integratis Consulting to carry out an evaluation of the £2m supplementary investment to Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (SGB). 

This one year funding allocated in 2017/18 aimed to deliver on specific outcomes:

  • expand SGBs reach to the inactive and underrepresented in sport, including women and girls and older people;
  • tackle inequality and discrimination in participation in sport, particularly LGBTI discrimination; and
  • further enhance child protection measures.

The funding could also be used to implement changes that would help SGBs reach a higher level of the Equality Standard for Sport.

The funding was split into two parts:

  • £1.25m to progress activity identified in SGB equality action plans or enhance existing activity already being undertaken; and
  • £750k for new projects (application based).

The evaluation analysed monitoring data, qualitative interviews and case studies to understand how SGBs are achieving the outcomes and gather learning on what works. 

The project summaries document gives more detail on each of the new projects funded.  

Outputs from evaluation

Date published: 20 June 2023
Date updated: 20 June 2023


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