Environmental Sustainability in Sport and Physical Activity - Consultation Findings

November 2023

Sport England, sportscotland and Sport Wales commissioned Useful Projects to undertake a consultation and mapping exercise on environmental sustainability within the grassroots sports and physical activity sector.

The aim of the consultation was to provide the sports councils with insights into:

  • Levels of awareness about environmental sustainability.
  • Current action being taken (including best practice case studies).
  • Levels of ambition.
  • Key opportunities.
  • Environmental challenges and the barriers to overcoming those.
  • Support needed in general.
  • The role of Sport England, sportscotland and Sport Wales.
  • Any national differences between England / Scotland / Wales across key consultation questions.

The Executive Summary report provides a synopsis of the findings of the consultation, which comprised an online survey for grassroots organisations, interviews with a range of leaders across the sector and focus groups with key partners including Sports Governing Bodies, Active Partnerships, Local Authorities and other owners of the places and spaces where physical activity takes place. 

The summary sets out what we heard about what sports organisations are already doing, the environmental impacts and challenges they are grappling with, the barriers to taking action and the support they need to overcome these and so accelerate action to tackle climate change.

It also highlights what they told us they think should be our role from providing leadership and co-ordination to funding, guidance, resources and training to inspiration, campaigns and championing the climate justice agenda in sport.

Each Home Sports Council is considering the report and its findings and what it means for their current and future work with partners across Environmental Sustainability. We are also continuing to work together alongside other key partners through the Sport Environment and Climate Coalition to directly respond to some of the challenges identified through the consultation.

Environmental Sustainability in Sport and Physical Activity - Executive Summary

Date published: 22 November 2023
Date updated: 4 December 2023


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