Ryan Turnbull

In 2021, Melrose Bowling Club’s youngest member, 13-year-old Ryan Turnbull raised over £3,000 by organising a ‘bowls marathon’ at the club.

Ryan helped organise the day working with fellow club members and seeking sponsorship from local businesses as well as playing in the 12-hour bowls event himself.

What is your volunteering experience to date and what, or who, inspired you to get into volunteering?

“I had been out on a dog walk with my mum when I spotted a defibrillator outside the Darnick Village Hall. It was one of very little if not the only one I had seen in the area.”

“I thought maybe to keep me busy during the school holidays I could suggest to my Club Secretary, Lee Haldane, that I could come up with an event to raise money for one.”

“I surpassed my original goal of £1,500 and managed to raise almost £3,600 so I bought two defibs and donated the second to another club, Gala Bowling Club in Galashiels.”

“I enjoyed the whole day and was really grateful that so many people were willing to take part and help me complete it.”

Ryan’s philanthropy and volunteer efforts not only enabled him to his own club with a defibrillator, but also donate the remaining money to another local club, allowing them to purchase one too.

National Volunteer Award winner

He was later nominated and won the Bowls National Volunteer Award, he said:

“I was very happy to receive my award. It’s always nice to be recognised and I was very grateful that Julie Forrest came to present it to me.”

“I have many aspirations on and off the green. For now, I’m just selecting subjects at school for starting my fourth year after the summer and hope to do well with that. On the green, I hope to start by winning some competitions and progress with all the hard work I put in. The bowling green is definitely my second home!”

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Date published: 14 July 2023
Date updated: 14 July 2023


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