Millie Boo

What is your volunteering experience to date?

Millie Boo is 16 years old and has cerebral palsy and bilateral hearing loss.

Although her biggest passion in life is riding, she has always wanted to give something back.

She did a talk at Muirfield Riding Therapy in December where she stood up for the first time in front of young riders, coaches and parents and told them about her journey and challenges.

She also began her Duke of Edinburgh in November and chose Forth Valley RDA to help. She has been helping with lessons, grooming horses, setting up classes and side walking other riders.

Volunteering has given Millie a chance to give something back to other riders in the same way they have helped her. She volunteers 2 hours every week with the group. It’s a challenge for Millie as she has her own disabilities. However, it has a huge impact on her well-being, confidence and feeling she is making a difference. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Millie says when she rides, she feels free and doesn’t let her disabilities hold her back. She wants others to experience this. Although Millie is deaf, she hears using hearing aids and lip reading but is also learning BSL after signing up for a course. She feels this may also help her communicate with riders with hearing issues. 

Millie looks forward to volunteering and wishes to carry this on beyond her Duke of Edinburgh and see others having the same success as she has had. Millie wants to be a role model for other young people. 

Date published: 14 July 2023
Date updated: 14 July 2023


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