Competition organiser training

Competition Organiser training is offered as part of sportscotland’s contribution to help develop young people as leaders in sport. We believe that young people can make a valuable contribution to influencing and leading in sport and contributing to building a world class sporting system. A priority for us is to work with partners to ensure that young people have access to a range of leadership roles and are encouraged and supported to reach their potential.

Competition is integral to sport. One of the key roles a young person can undertake is as an event/competition organiser. In this role they will have responsibility to plan, organise and deliver events and competitions. The training locally delivered in schools/communities to young people will equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of event/competition organiser.

The aim of training is to enable young people to experience and identify the essential aspects of well-organised, safe, fun, fair and inclusive intra-school competition.  The training is intended for secondary school pupils aged 14+.


Here are some of the resources which can be used during the delivery of the training or subsequently when undertaking the planned competitions:

Cue Cards - SMILES; STEPS; Format;  Risk Assessment


Success Phrases

Competition formats review sheet

Competition Scenario Cards 1 - 4


Date published: 17 July 2023
Date updated: 17 July 2023


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