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The Foyle Foundation is an independent grant making trust that distributes grants to UK charities.

Since it became operational in November 2001, The Foundation has disbursed £44.1M in grants (up to 31 December 2010).Following a strategic review, the Foundation merged with its sister charity The Batty Charitable Trust in March 2009 and from July 2009 has revised its objectives.

  • Minimum award: £1000
  • Maximum award: £10000

Small Grants £1000 - £10,000


  • Community sport
  • Projects designed to engage people in sport
Other projects

Projects that benefit the Communities


  • Not-for-profit club or community group - with governing Document
  • Not-for-profit club or community group - with no governing Document
  • Schools
  • Higher or futher education institution or college
  • Local authority / local education authority
Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 27 July 2023


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