Coach education subsidy funding

The cost of and access to a course can often be seen as a barrier to coaches participating in learning and development. Coach education subsidy funding therefore aims to support the development of coaches through financial subsidies towards the cost of their development and the attainment of relevant qualifications to complement their skills. Coach education subsidy funding is also in place to encourage Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) approaches and access to sport in different communities throughout Scotland.

What is Coach education subsidy funding?

The funding is provided by sportscotland to assist coaches to reduce the cost of their learning and development as this can often be seen as a barrier to participation and development.

Is this a new support and what are the changes?

Coach education funding has been in place since 2010 with over 30,000 coaches having received support from sportscotland. A revised application process began on 1st September 2022 whereby funding continues to be offered to developing coaches but with a focus on EDI approaches and changes in the application process.

Essentially, SGBs apply to sportscotland for subsidy funding to support them develop coaches. Applications that have an EDI focus will be the priority for all subsidies, which are awarded to SGBs following a sportscotland panel. Participants then apply directly to their SGB for a subsidy from whatever was awarded therefore all new participants are advised to contact their SGB directly.

Who do I contact for more information?

The coach education lead within a Sport Governing Body will be able to support applicants with any further information needed. SGB coach education leads will have direct access to, and will communicate regularly, with the sportscotland Coaching and Volunteering team.

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 27 July 2023


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