Cycling Facilities Fund Project Considerations

Capital funding

The Cycling Facilities Fund is for capital expenditure only and is distributed in accordance with The Scottish Governments’ policy directions for lottery and funds for capital expenditure.

We define capital expenditure as expenditure on the purchase, upgrade or construction of an asset. This includes any costs directly incurred in the process such as related architect, quantity surveyor, engineer’s and solicitor’s fees, as well as planning, building warrant asset purchases or leases fees.

State aid

The statutory authority for payment of grant-in-aid is Section 3 of the Physical Training and Recreation Act 1937. Accordingly, sportscotland may provide funding to assist with the provision of sport and multifunctional recreational infrastructures in accordance with Article 55 of the General Block Exemption Regulation

Project delivery

The project must have meaningful community access, provide community benefit and not be for private gain.

The facility must be fit for purpose in terms of:

  • Location; scale and content; design, accessibility; management; environmental impact.
  • The project must be able to show that with funding from sportscotland you have the finance, or will be capable of raising the balance of finance, to start within 6 months of the date of the award. The applicant must be able to complete the project within a set timescale.
  • Operational sustainability of the project for the duration of the award, at a minimum, must be evidenced.
  • Maintenance and eventual replacement must be planned and funded by the applicant, taking account of realistic income projections.

Security of tenure

Applicants must be able to demonstrate security of tenure for at least 20 years (from date of project completion) and provide evidence of ownership, lease or access documentation, and evidence of security of tenure to sportscotland’s satisfaction as requested.

Safeguarding in Sport

Organisations must have appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place prior to application. These must ensure that all relevant officials and coaches are appropriately PVG checked.

The standards developed by Children 1st and sportscotland are available here:
10 steps to safeguarding in sport

Ineligible projects

Please note, for the avoidance of doubt, the following projects are not eligible to apply for funding:

  • Projects with a value of less than £20,000
  • Repairs, renewals, replacement or maintenance
  • Construction of dining rooms, bars, social space, administration, committee rooms, residential or spectator accommodation
  • Buildings with a life expectancy of less than 20 years
  • Mini buses or vans
  • Personal equipment or general sports equipment with a life expectancy of less than 7 years
  • Feasibility studies and design competitions
  • Speculative purchase of land or facilities as a means of saving on payment of rent
  • Any projects which have been started prior to a decision being taken by sportscotland and our approval being given to proceed. We cannot provide funding retrospectively. Letting of a construction contract constitutes a project start. Engaging design consultants does not constitute a project start

Value added tax

If your organisation is not registered for VAT or is not in a position to have the project zero-rated for VAT purposes (as is sometimes the case for charities approved by HMRC) it is essential that the VAT burden is included in the project costs.

We recommend that you consult HMRC to understand what exemption or partial exemption from VAT may apply.


The Government’s financial directions to sportscotland require us to obtain from applications whatever information may be necessary to safeguard Lottery and Scottish Government funds and carry out validation checks. In order for sportscotland to process details properly it is important that you ensure the details provided are correct. If details are provided whereby the application has been completed fraudulently, incorrectly or misleading material has been put forward, the application will be invalid and you will be liable to return any sums already paid out as a sportscotland award, with any offer being formally withdrawn.

Freedom of Information

As a public body, sportscotland falls under the requirements of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 to disclose any information (including applications for funding and ancillary written documents) it holds on a particular topic when requested to do so by a person or organisation.  In certain circumstances some of the information may be subject to an exemption and will not have to be disclosed. 

You must inform us in writing as soon as possible if any of the information that you have provided in respect of your application (including applications for funding and ancillary written documents) is considered sensitive and/or confidential.  sportscotland will have regard to all instructions regarding disclosure or non-disclosure of information,but for the avoidance of doubt sportscotland’s decision with regards to questions of disclosure and non-disclosure shall be final.

Data Protection

In its everyday business operations sportscotland makes use of a variety of data about identifiable individuals.

In collecting and using this data, the organisation is subject to Data Protection legislation controlling how such activities may be carried out and the safeguards that must be put in place to protect it.

You can find links to the legislation below: -

  1. Data Protection Act 2018
  2. The General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

sportscotland will use the information you provide to process applications, investments and payments, to prepare statistics and to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of both individual grants and our investments.

Data shared with Scottish Cycling

sportscotland and Scottish Cycling will work closely while considering expressions of interest and applications to the fund. Any information submitted to sportscotland may will be shared with Scottish Cycling to ensure that relevant staff are able to make informed decisions.

Your rights

sportscotland is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Our privacy notice describes how we collect and use personal information about you during and after you access our services, in accordance with Data Protection legislation: -


If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding your personal information please contact the sportscotland Data Protection Officer at the details below: -

Data Protection Officer. sportscotland, Doges, Templeton on the Green, 62 Templeton Street, Glasgow, G40 1DA

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 22 February 2024


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