Public Task Statement: Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015

sportscotland is the national agency for sport in Scotland. This statement describes sportscotland’s Public Task for the purposes of the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (“ROPSI”).

We operate under the terms of a Royal Charter dated 22nd December 1971, which established The Scottish Sports Council as a Body Corporate, which now trades as sportscotland.

Public Task

  • sportscotland is the national agency for sport.
  • We are a non-departmental public body, responsible through ministers to the Scottish Parliament. We are also a National Lottery Fund distributor and we are governed by National Lottery distribution rules.
  • We have three directorates - sports development, high performance and corporate services. The sportscotland Trust Company operates national training centres which provide quality, affordable and appropriate residential and sporting facilities for people to develop in sport.
  • We deliver from our headquarters in Glasgow, the sportscotland institute of sport in Stirling and our regional bases across Scotland.
  • Our corporate strategy, Sport for Life, outlines our vision of an active Scotland where everyone benefits from sport. Our mission is to help the people of Scotland get the most from the sporting system.

We do this through:

  • helping organisations inside and outside the sporting system make the best use of the money, time, expertise and information invested in sport.
  • working with partners and communities to gain insights, make it easier for people to take part in sport and make sport more inclusive.
  • helping sports develop robust pathways which enable people to progress to their desired level, take on different roles and potentially move across sports.
  • leading the sporting system to demonstrate its contribution to the Active Scotland Outcomes Framework and encouraging our partners to demonstrate each of their contributions to an Active Scotland.
  • working with partners to promote how sport benefits people’s lives to key stakeholders inside and beyond sport.

Further information about sportscotland’s general activities in carrying out its Public Task can be found in the About us section of this website.

Review of Public Task Statement

This statement is regularly reviewed in line with sportscotland’s business plan. It is due to be considered again no later than the end of April 2025.

If you have any queries on this public task statement you can submit them to If you have a complaint about sportscotland under the Re-use Regulations, please contact

Requests for re-use of information

If you want to apply to access to our information under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 please email stating your requirements and purpose for this which you intend to use the information. A response, including costing information will be given within 20 working days.


Due to the variety of information we hold and the format it is held in, the cost to provide it for re-use will vary considerably.

The price for any application to re-use our information will be considered carefully on a case by case basis to ensure costs are met. If the information has already been re-used, then the cost will be the same.

Right to Refuse

sportscotland reserve the right to refuse requests for re-use of information under the “ROPSI” directive. Should this apply, the reason for refusal will be clearly explained, along with details on how to appeal that decision.

Guidance on Re-use

Guidance on re-use is available on request.

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 3 April 2023


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