Guide to our publication scheme

Guide to information available through our publication scheme

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (the Act) requires Scottish public authorities to produce and maintain a publication scheme. Authorities are under a legal obligation to:

  • publish the classes of information that they make routinely available
  • tell the public how to access the information and what it might cost.

sportscotland and the sportscotland Trust Company have adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner. You can see this scheme on this website or by contacting us at the address below.

The content of the guide is available via the left hand menu.

The purpose of this guide to information is to:

  • provide access to published information (to access any unpublished information, a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information request can be submitted)
  • allow the public to see what information is available (and what is not available) in relation to each class,
  • state what charges may be applied
  • explain how to find the information easily
  • provide contact details for enquiries and to get help with accessing the information
  • explain how to request information we hold that has not been published

Availability and formats

The information we publish through the model scheme is, wherever possible, available on our website. We offer alternative arrangements for people who do not want to, or cannot, access the information online or by inspection at our premises. For example, we can usually arrange to send information to you in paper copy (although there may be a charge for this).

Exempt information

We will publish the information we hold that falls within the classes of information which can be accessed via the left hand menu. If a document contains information that is exempt under Scotland’s freedom of information laws (for example sensitive personal information or a trade secret), we will remove or redact the information before publication and explain why.


Where sportscotland or the sportscotland Trust Company holds the copyright in the information made available in accordance with this scheme, that information may be copied or reproduced without formal permission, provided that:

  • it is copied or reproduced accurately
  • it is not used in a misleading context, and
  • the source of the material is identified

Where sportscotland or the sportscotland Trust Company does not hold the copyright in information it publishes, this will be made clear.

Charging policy

Freedom of Information Requests

Environmental Information Requests

This section explains when we may make a charge for our publications and how any charge will be calculated.

You do not have to pay for:

  • viewing information on our website
  • viewing information at our premises
  • a single copy of any document*
  • multiple copies of any publication (e.g. advisory leaflet or annual report) which is already printed and available for free.

You may have to pay for the photocopying, printing and postage of:

  • providing information to you
  • requests for multiple-printouts from the website or for multiple hard copies
  • providing a substantial number of multiple documents required to respond to a request
  • Providing copies of pre-printed publications

You will have to pay for:

  • any information that has a charge specifically indicated in the 'classes of information'.

Please note:-

  • Printing and photocopy costs will not exceed £1 per 10 pages (unless your request is for a single document*).
  • Postage costs will be recharged at the rate we paid to send the information to you.
  • If we need to make a charge, we will contact you before sending any material.
  • We will charge you no more that it actually costs us to provide the information.
  • This charging schedule does not apply to our commercial publications (see Class 8). These items are offered for sale through retail outlets such as book shops, academic journal websites or museum shops and their price reflects a ‘market value’ which may include the cost of production.

*’Document’ means anything listed in the publication scheme that sportscotland or the sportscotland Trust Company considers to be a single, distinct item.

Contact us

You can contact us for assistance with any aspect of this publication scheme:

Legal Officer
Templeton on the Green
62 Templeton Street
G40 1DA


Tel: 0141 534 1175

We will also advise you how to ask for information that we do not publish or how to complain if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of this publication scheme.

The classes of information that we publish

The publish information that we hold within the following classes.  Once information is published under a class we will continue to make it available for the current and previous two financial years.

Where information has been updated or superseded, only the current version will be available.  If you would like to see previous versions, you are welcome to make a request to us for that information.


Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that information provided by sportscotland is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change. No responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of sportscotland for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements within the information. Responsibility can also not be taken for action or inaction as a result of information obtained from sportscotland. In the case of information provided on the website, this also includes information obtained through any site to which the pages connect, including any feature or aspect of such site or pages, whether provided by sportscotland or by any organisation, company or individual. sportscotland will not be held liable for any such information and reserves the right to alter the content of information at any time.

Date published: 29 March 2023
Date updated: 5 September 2023


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