Women and Girls Fund Evaluation

About the Fund

In 2019-20 sportscotland managed the Women and Girls Fund (the Fund) on behalf of the Scottish Government. Funding was available for one year. The Fund aimed to support women and girls engage in sport and physical activity.

The Fund was open to projects led by Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport (SGBs) or local authorities working in partnership with another organisation. Fifteen projects received funding.

In total, the projects reached 3,268 women and girls.

About the evaluation

The evaluation explores the outcomes achieved through the funded activity, in terms of physical activity, health and wellbeing, skills and confidence. It also explores partnership working and sustainability of the activity.

A learning note draws together the key factors deliverers should consider when designing projects for women and girls.

The report was written between March to June 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. Although most of the project work was complete, the sudden onset of new public health measures in March 2020 impacted on the final weeks of the evaluation and project delivery. This meant some projects were not able to gather feedback from participants and some modified their delivery. The researchers used all available information and included new learning from projects that modified their delivery in response to social distancing guidelines.

Outputs and reports

Date published: 20 October 2020
Date updated: 20 October 2020


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