Benefits of volunteering

There are many reasons to volunteer in sport – volunteers make sport happen and create the next generation of sporting stars.  You could be giving back but you'll also be helping make sport happen, without people like you, sport would not work!

You might also find the Volunteer Scotland website helpful for general FAQs and information on volunteering in Scotland.

Developing your skills

Do I need qualifications or certain skills to be a volunteer?

Some volunteering opportunities require certain skills such as coaching which may require qualifications but clubs, local authorities and community sport hubs often provide training or will support you to find the right training.

Often sport organisations are looking for personal skills, such as being able to get on with a wide variety of people, being reliable and being enthusiastic about the sport or club you're involved in.

What skills can I expect to gain and develop?

Sport is looking for enthusiastic and confident people just like you to take on a variety of roles.  And sport will give back to you too!  Did you know that being involved in a sports club can give you the same energy boost as having a pay rise? 

Skills and qualities you could expect to develop:

  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Speaking to groups
  • Presenting
  • Managing accounts and budgeting
  • Event organisation

These are just a few, read some of our volunteer stories to see how they have developed their skills and also used some that they already had.

You could also have a look at the role descriptions for the variety of roles you could get involved in to see what would be expected of you and see if you fit the bill.

Awards and recognition

Volunteers are the heroes of sport.  Without volunteers, sport in Scotland could not run the way it does and for that reason you could benefit from a number of award schemes and recognition from your club.

Of course you should be thanked informally for the time you dedicate but you can also be formally recognised for your commitment and contribution through awards. 

There are a number of different awards that you could be nominated for.

Date published: 13 September 2016
Date updated: 11 March 2022


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