Neva Whyte - My YA Journey


What do you think you have gained from the YA programme?


I definitely learned the importance of preparation, organisation, and being proactive when it comes to putting on successful and enjoyable events.


Do you have any particular highlights from your time as a YA?


A highlight was achieving our gold sports award. It required the YAs, sports committee and PE base to work closely to attain the award and it was a great feeling finally achieving it!

What are you doing now?

This year, I was on the YA conference Delivery Team, which I would highly recommend. I have taken a gap year after school and have recently started working with Scottish Rugby to make the sport more accessible for women and girls across my region.

Do you think the YA programme has helped you get there and if so, how? 

Definitely! The YA programme developed my ability to communicate with a wide range of people and build relationships and links within my local community. Overall, it increased my employability and interpersonal skills significantly. 


Date published: 13 December 2023
Date updated: 13 December 2023


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