Ellie Hannah

How did you first get involved with the Young Ambassador programme?

I first got involved with the YA programme during my final year of secondary school in 2017/2018. My Active Schools Coordinator showed the class I was in the YA video and I felt inspired to be a part of an amazing opportunity to help create new opportunities in sport within my local community and try to make a difference.

What was your experience like as a YA? Can you tell us your best achievement as a YA?

Overall, I had a life changing experience from being a YA. It allowed me to decide on what future career path I wanted to take and my next steps into further education at University to study Sports Coaching and Development. My full journey as a YA was exciting and full of fun, helping to bring more clubs to local pupils and help them fall in love with sport and develop new skills. I would say that my biggest achievement as a YA was being able to help young people in sport within my local community and becoming North Ayrshire’s Young Citizen of the Year 2018. This award gave me an extra boost and showed me that all the work and effort I had put into creating opportunities for young people was making a difference.

What skills have you developed from being a YA?

Being a YA has allowed me to develop a number of skills such as confidence, communication, organisation, creativity and leadership.

How does being a YA play an important role in influencing others to take part in sport or physical activity?

I believe that Young Ambassadors play an extremely important role for young people across Scotland as they can inspire them to take part in sport and show them how it can be beneficial and fun. They allow young people to find their voice within sport and develop skills that they can use in everyday life. A YA can become a role model and support system for young people within sport.

You were part of the YA Delivery Team, how did you support other YAs?

As a member of the YA Delivery Team it allowed myself and the other members of the team to help new and previous YAs have an insight to what their role is within their school and local community. Another role within the Delivery Team was to work across Scotland to deliver workshops to help YAs develop the skill they need to thrive within their community. The delivery team acts as a support system that YAs can relate to and feel comfortable in asking for help as all the members of the team have all been in the same situation and experienced what it is like to be a Young Ambassador.

How important has your YA experience been in developing your skills for other areas of your life (College, University ,work)?

My experience as a YA has allowed me to progress through university and have the confidence to be able to take part in class presentations. My growth in confidence has helped me to be successful in job interviews and also taking coaching sessions as a volunteer for Active Schools. Learning how to become more organised through the YA programme has showed me how important it is as you progress through further education and having to balance deadlines, part-time work, volunteering and having time for social activities.

What are you doing now or hoping to do in the future?

I am currently in my last term in completing my Honours Degree in Sports Coaching & Development as well as being a volunteer coach and also working part-time for sportscotland as a Guest Support Assistant at the National Centre Inverclyde. 

My role as a Guest Support Assistant is to make sure that the customer leaves the centre having had the best possible experience. I work within the customer service team to help any customer with anything they may need. These customers range from general public such as schools or gym members to professional athletes on residentials. We make sure that all equipment needed for booking is set up correctly and safe for use.

Once I graduate university I am hoping to continue my journey with sportscotland and continue to coach for Active Schools.

Any advice for other YAs?

Advice I would give to other YAs is to embrace the opportunity and say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Sport might not be what you see yourself doing in the future but it is a great way to develop and learn new skills that are important to have in day to day life. It can help set you apart from others when apply to university or future jobs.

Date published: 25 July 2023
Date updated: 20 November 2023


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