Eilidh Barclay

How did you first get involved with the Young Ambassador programme? – Can you remember how you heard about it?

I was first involved in the YA programme when I was approached by my PE teachers in 3rd year in school to take on the role. I remember my conference so clearly and the impact the workshop leaders had on my outlook of what was to come in my year as YA. I then didn’t think twice before applying for the YA conference team which allowed me to continue my YA journey in a different way. 

What was your experience like as a YA? Can you tell us your best achievement as a YA?

I absolutely loved my experience as a YA, it gave me a sense of responsibility and ownership within PE. It empowered me to work closely with my PE dept to have the confidence to share new ideas and enact on them. My biggest achievement was organising my schools first ever Active Girls Day which then became an annual event.

You were then part of the YA Delivery Team, how did you support other YAs?

I supported other YAs by sharing ideas, experiences and advice for future planning. This was done in a variety of different ways for example group work, mind mapping and activities. I believe that if young people have young people who have recently been in their position to look up to and take advice from they are at a great starting point. The power of a good role model is immeasurable in giving young people the confidence and drive the role of a YA requires.

What skills have you developed from being part of the YA programme?

I have developed a wide range of skills through being a YA. These range from interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication and confidence to organisational skills such as preparation, forward thinking and creativity.  

How have these helped you with future aspirations? What are you doing now/hoping to do in the future?

The impact of the YA programme has been invaluable to my future career path. I’m currently on my final placement for PE teaching and all going well will be starting my probation in August. All of these skills have undoubtedly formed the type of teacher I am developing to be and are skills I use day to day within my degree. 

How does being a YA play an important role in influencing others to take part in sport or physical activity?

I think being a YA is crucial to the promotion of sport and physical activity within schools. Due to the role being taken on by pupils it gives their fellow school mates a role model to look up to that is within their immediate school environment and age range therefore making them relatable and influential. 

What is the main takeaway you have received from being part of the Delivery team?

The Delivery Team has quite literally shaped my uni life. I made friends for life on the team and we went on to do 4 years of uni together. From starting our friendship through our invaluable time together on the YA Delivery Team training days, meetings and events we have now 4 years later been each others lifelines through uni, had plenty of girls nights and of course a girls holiday to Marbs! I was so lucky to have met them through the YA Delivery Team and even luckier to call them friends for life.

Any advice for other YAs?

Take every opportunity and appreciate the impact you can have on your school community. If you love what you do during your time as YA don’t just stop after that year, see what other leadership opportunities are out there! 



Date published: 8 February 2024
Date updated: 21 May 2024


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