Active Schools Report: 2016- 2017

Across each academic year, the Active Schools Network of managers and coordinators gather information on the activities which they have supported in schools. This data is used to support the planning and delivery of the Active Schools programme.

At the end of each academic year, this information is collated into a report, which summarises the activity across Scotland.

In the 2016/17 academic year 294,000 distinct participants made over 6.8 million visits (participant sessions*) to Active Schools activities. On average, each pupil made 23 visits to sessions across the year.

Over 23,000 deliverers (87% of whom are voluntary/over 20,000 Volunteers), provided 370,00 Activity Sessions in range of over 100 different sports/activities. There were 2,700 links between schools and sports clubs, helping pupils to participate in sport outwith their school. See full report below for further details.


*Participant Sessions are the "visits" pupils have made to activities. These figures do not represent the number of pupils who actually take part, and should only be considered as indicative of participation in extra-curricular activities supported by Active Schools.

32 local authority and leisure trust reports

Previous years' reports


Date published: 21 August 2017
Date updated: 06 September 2018


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