Fit for Girls

Fit for Girls is a partnership programme of sportscotland and the Youth Sport Trust. Since 2008, it has continually developed to meet the needs of girls and the physical activity workforce in Scotland.

The latest phase of the programme will launch at the end of August 2022, when partners will be able to sign up for workshops. In the meantime, we are recruiting for tutors to support workshop delivery. 

Aim of the programme

Fit for Girls aims to increase girls’ engagement and enjoyment in physical activity and sport (PEPAS). It seeks to enable girls to take part in ways that suit them best – now and in the future. It also aims to build positive relationships – between adults and girls and between the girls themselves; these are the foundation for Fit for Girls success.

Support network

Fit for Girls is for girls and young women aged 11-18 years. It involves them in two ways:

  • Leaders – girls who are keen to inspire and support other girls to get active. These girls will bring different experiences of PEPAS (some positive, some not) and use these to bring about change in their school, club or community.
  • Participants – girls who are encouraged by the leaders to get involved. Often these are girls who are less-active or who no longer engage in PEPAS for a variety of reasons. Through Fit for Girls they are inspired to start, maintain or return to PEPAS and, as well as becoming participants, may take on additional supporting or leadership roles.

Support for the PEPAS workforce

Fit for Girls offers local authorities, governing bodies and national partners the opportunity to engage in a Fit for Girls Solutions workshop. This equips the network with the knowledge and tools needed to improve opportunities for girls by understanding their specific needs and strengthening the connections between schools, clubs and communities. The girls who have participated in the online Fit for Girls sessions will be supported to lead the workshop to share their experiences and their plans for engaging girls in PEPAS.

Date published: 05 October 2016
Date updated: 15 July 2022


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