Fit for Girls

Fit for Girls is a national programme developed in partnership between sportscotland and the Youth Sport Trust. Since 2008, it has continually developed to meet the needs of girls and the sport and physical activity workforce in Scotland.

Key principles of Fit for Girls are

  • Valuing girls’ voices
    • Impact on girls “I have a voice in the decisions that affect me.”
  • Promoting peer role models
    • Impact on girls “I see and hear from other girls like me.”
  • Co-creating projects
    • Impact on girls “I can find opportunities that meet my needs.”
  • Celebrating ‘Unstoppable Girls’
    • Impact on girls “I feel like taking part is for me.”

 Hear from partners who have been involved in Fit for Girls and how its impacted on them and the girls involved.  


What's the offer? 

We are offering support to local authorities, governing bodies and other national partners who have identified a need to improve the provision for girls and young women and are committed to empowering girls as part of that process.

This support takes the form of:

·     Two workshops (two hours in length) which can be delivered face to face or virtually to an identified group of girls aged between 11 – 18 years of age

·     A condensed workshop can be delivered as an option to the two workshops (two hours in length)

·     The workshops are co-delivered by two members of the Fit for Girls Tutor team which allows for meaningful peer to peer delivery.

·     The tutors aim to inspire and empower girls and young women to create local change in their school, club and community by developing their self-esteem and confidence so they have a voice and can help other girls be inspired to start, maintain or return to sport and physical activity.

·     Optional – support in the delivery of a workshop for the workforce (ASCs, coaches, volunteers, teachers etc) led by girls who have participated in the above workshops and supported by the Fit for Girls Tutors.

o This workshop equips the network with the knowledge and tools needed to improve opportunities for girls by understanding their specific needs and strengthening the connections between schools, clubs and communities.

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Date published: 17 July 2023
Date updated: 28 March 2024


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