Active Girls Day

Friday 30 October 2020

Active Girls Day is an annual initiative which celebrates the amazing work going into girls' sport, the progress around girls' participation, and the incredible role models making it happen. This year's Active Girls Day will be Friday 30 October 2020.

Clubs, hubs and schools are encouraged to get involved by supporting on social media - you can find some ideas and suggestions for this below, as we appreciate that many of our partners may need to take a different approach to Active Girls Day this year. 


Get involved on social media

Under current circumstances we know that events and taster sessions won't be possible, but hope that you can help us to celebrate on social media instead! The focus is on girls staying active and staying connected - there are many ways to get involved with this, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Young leaders social media takeover
  • Online consultations, surveys or focus groups for girls
  • Virtual challenges or activities
  • Role model profiles or video messages

Use #ActiveGirls to share what you're doing for Active Girls Day!


Promotional toolkit & resources

You can use the following templates to create posters or social media content for Active Girls Day:


Background to Active Girls Day

It’s important for everyone to take part in sport and physical activity. However, some groups face different barriers to participation which requires a more targeted approach.  

Some of the barriers for girls are:

  • Experiences of PE – Girls are consistently less positive about their PE experiences than boys. Issues around lack of choice and too much focus on competition means that some girls are disengaged.
  • Self-esteem, body confidence and peers – Concerns about appearance, lack of confidence, and influence of peers.
  • Wider issues – Wider structural issues such as availability of facilities, variety of sports on offer, lack of visible female role models and media coverage.

Although progress has been made in reducing these barriers, there’s still a significant difference between girls’ and boys’ participation rates in teenage years:

  • In the 13-15 age group only 30% of girls are meeting the physical activity recommendations, compared to 44% of boys (2019 Scottish Health Survey)
  • Teenage girls were also less likely than teenage boys to be taking part in sport (56% of girls compared to 63% of boys)

A targeted approach is helping to reduce the participation gap and give girls a more positive experience of PE, sport and physical activity. There is some fantastic work happening across the country to make this happen, and Active Girls Day aims to raise awareness of this.  

Inclusive activity

If you're looking to get more girls involved in your club or project, here are some things to consider:

  • Consultation: Seeking and listening to girls’ feelings, views and ideas
  • Role models: Using a wide range of role models to show active lifestyles are for all
  • Culture and ethos: Getting buy-in for girls’ sport and physical activity
  • Pathways: Creating partnerships between schools, clubs and the wider community
  • Environment: Considering where, when and with whom girls participate
  • Leadership: Enabling girls to take responsibility and have ownership of activity
  • Profile: Marketing, promoting and celebrating sport and physical activity for girls
  • Achievement and attainment: Recognising and celebrating individuals’ progress
  • Parents and carers: Involving families in getting girls active
  • Teaching and delivery: Developing the methods and activities used by teachers and coaches


Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week 

We are also supporting this year's Scottish Women & Girls in Sport Week, which is led by Active Scotland and takes place Saturday 24 October - Friday 30 October. You can engage in the week using #SheCanSheWill or find out more on Actify.

As part of the week, there will be a panel discussion taking place on Thursday 29 October from 7-8pm. You can find out more about the discussion and how to register here.

Date published: 05 October 2016
Date updated: 23 October 2020


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