Coach Subsidy for Recognised Governing Body Qualifications

Level 1 and 2

Coaches can now apply for funding using our online application portal. You will first need to register your details with us before logging onto the system and navigating through the application form. The following links will take you to the page relevant to the application you are making.

* Please note you must submit your application at least four weeks before your course is due to start. If you fail to do so your application will not be processed.

Individual applications

Group applications

Coaches will qualify for the following subsidy amounts:

Level 1: 40% of full course cost with a maximum value of £75

Level 2: 60% of full course cost with a maximum value of £350

Please refer to the sport specific criteria attached at the bottom of this page for further detail on the candidate requirements for each sport. For candidates wishing to complete Rugby Union qualifications support is provided directly to Scottish Rugby. Candidates should apply direct to Scottish Rugby via their normal course application process for an award.

Level 3 and 4

sportscotland now support a three-point variable scale of the candidate course fee at the Recognised governing body qualification at Level 3 and 4. Subsidy will be allocated per candidate, against SGB endorsed applications and based on the funding principles and coach support criteria being met.

Coaches will qualify for the following subsidy amounts:

Level 3 & 4: A variable scale of 20%, 40% or 60% of the full course cost

Please complete the Application Form below should you wish to apply for funding and refer to the associated guidance Notes for further information on the process involved.

For guidance and information on Level 3 & 4 applications and the Level 3 & 4 Application Form, see:

Should you have any questions about any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

List of eligible sports

Date published: 13 June 2016
Date updated: 16 August 2021


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