Coach education subsidy funding

Coach education subsidy funding aims to support the development of coaches through financial subsidies of the cost of their development and the attainment of relevant qualifications to complement their skills.  The cost of a course can often be seen as a barrier to coaches participating in learning and development.

Coach education subsidy funding has been in place since 2010 and has proven to be a strong incentive for coaches who were undertaking coaching qualifications.  Over 30,000 coaches have benefitted from the funding.

Coach education subsidy funding is also in place to encourage Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) approaches and access to sport in different communities throughout Scotland.

From September 2022, coach education subsidy funding is changing, although it will still continue to be offered for all developing coaches.  However, there is to be a change in how applications are administered and there are some key dates to be aware of:

  • From 1st September 2022, all investment and subsidy applications will be processed directly through Sport Governing Bodies (SGBs).  sportscotland will continue to work closely with SGBs and provide funding that is requested. 

The change behind the revised process is in response to the requirement for SGBs to be more involved with the development of their staff.   SGBs are required to be more aware with where coaches are in terms of their development and engagement with clubs, communities and individuals.  Importantly, SGBs will be encouraged to monitor important information such as evidence of EDI approaches and how the course fits into the Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others and Knowing Coaching framework. 

At the end of a SGB financial cycle, evidence will be required in terms of Inclusivity, collaboration, and person-centred principles for each subsidised coach.  Examples of positive coaching taking place in communities will be encouraged. Positive coaching stories are always welcome, and some coaching examples may well be offered the opportunity to participate in sportscotlands annual Coaching and Volunteering Awards ceremony. 

Date published: 28 July 2022
Date updated: 28 July 2022


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