Facility Management

This page provides links to a range of resources designed to help local authorities, governing bodies and other organisations manage sports facilities.

Facility quality management systems

The purpose of a facility quality management system is to provide a framework for managing your sport and leisure facility. Using one will assist in managing your facility more effectively and efficiently, and help you meet the needs of your customers/members.

sportscotland endorse Quest, the UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure, its framework and award programme. The key areas identified in this document relate directly to those criteria used in a Quest assessment. However this document is only intended as an aid to creating a documented practices and procedures system for your facility. Fuller explanations of issues can be found in the Quest Managers Guidance pack which is available from Quest.

Organisations wishing to consider themselves for Quest award registration should contact Quest. Their information is contained at the end of this document.


Date published: 01 June 2016
Date updated: 28 May 2020


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