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We would prefer schools do an initial assessment to get their starting point/benchmark for the year. Following that they can start a new assessment which they can update as they go. The answers from their initial assessment will be transferred over so they only need to update the areas they have improved on. If you are applying for Gold at this stage you can just save your answers and evidence as you go and you can update and change it as many time as you like until it is submitted.

Yes, you can post a USB stick or alternatively list your videos on YouTube. If you post a USB stick, please ensure it is packaged appropriately and sent Recorded Delivery. To upload videos to YouTube, post them as unlisted, that way no one but us can see them. Please ensure that for each video you add, you clearly demonstrate which section it relates to. You can add 1video per section with a maximum running time of 3 minutes.

During the development of the School Sport Award we undertook an extensive scoring and benchmarking process which resulted in amended questionnaires being produced that reflect the diversity of schools in Scotland. On registration schools are redirected to the relevant questionnaire to allow all schools the fairest opportunity to achieve a Gold Award. We have developed the tool in a way that redirects schools depending on their school roll to an amended questionnaire. Please refer to the list of schools that achieved a Gold Award during the pilot to see the range of schools who managed to achieve Gold status.

This is what the initial assessment is for. We want all schools to do this right at the start so they know their starting point or how they have improved from last year. A schools score and current award level is not their final score. A school can do as many assessments throughout the year as they like to check on progress and it will only be judged on the last assessment completed before the Award closes for the year 30 June)

All schools must ensure they apply for a School Sport Award by 30 June. Schools will receive notification of their award at the beginning of the next academic year.

All schools that apply for a Gold School Sport Award will be have their evidence and supporting statements assessed by an external panel and schools will be notified of the outcome at the beginning of the next academic year .

Schools that receive either a Bronze or Silver School Sport Award will hold their award for one academic year.

Schools that achieve a Gold School Sport Award will hold the award for 3 academic years. For example if you gained a Gold Award based on academic year 2016/17 your current award will expire in June 2020.

Schools achieving a Gold School Sport Award will receive a flag and personalised certificate with holder. Silver and Bronze will receive a generic certificate.

Date published: 14 October 2016
Date updated: 03 April 2020


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