In its everyday business operations sportscotland makes use of a variety of data about identifiable individuals, including (but not limited to) data about:

  • Current, past and prospective employees
  • Athletes
  • Users of its websites
  • Individuals that attend our National Centres
  • Scottish Governing Bodies and partner organisation staff and members
  • Young Ambassadors and Young People’s Sport Panel
  • Award Nominees

In collecting and using this data, the organisation is subject to a variety of legislation controlling how such activities may be carried out and the safeguards that must be put in place to protect it.

Under Data Protection legislation individuals have a right to be informed of how our organisation processes and uses the personal information we may hold about them, details of which can be found within the privacy notices below.  If you have any queries or concerns about how your personal information is processed please contact our Data Protection Officer via the contact details below: -

Data Protection Officer
Doges, Templeton on the Green
62 Templeton Street


Date published: 29 August 2023
Date updated: 29 August 2023


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