Changing The Boundaries immediate recommendations October 2023 progress update

Scotland’s national agency for sport, sportscotland, has today (Tuesday 31 October 2023) published a further interim update into the progress made by Cricket Scotland following an independent review into racism in Scottish cricket.

The Plan4Sport Changing The Boundaries report concluded that the governance and leadership practices of Cricket Scotland were institutionally racist. This followed an in-depth consultation process with close to 1,000 direct engagements from a broad cross-section of all levels of the sport in Scotland.

Changing The Boundaries contained three immediate high-level recommendations, with associated sub-recommendations. Today’s interim update provides an overview of progress against each of the key recommendations, with sportscotland to publish a further public update in Spring 2024.


Special Measures

Cricket Scotland to be placed in special measures by sportscotland. Special measures be in place until October 2023 to provide a full year of oversight by sportscotland.

Status: Ongoing (No change) 

Board recruitment

Cricket Scotland to commence an immediate recruitment process for new Board members, with appointments made by 30 September 2022. (The diversity of the Board members should be a minimum of 40% men and 40% women, and ensuring that a minimum of 25% of the total Board makeup come from of Black, South-East Asian, or other mixed or multiple ethnic groups.)

  • An interim transitional Board is currently in place.
  • Transitional Board members are 100% male and 50% from ethnically diverse communities.
  • Cricket Scotland has confirmed the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Chair and four new Independent Non-Executive Directors.
  • The appointments will ensure Cricket Scotland reaches the minimum target of 25% of total Board makeup being from Black, South-East Asian, or other mixed or multiple ethnic groups.
  • A further requirement of the Action Plan concerning diversity is that the Cricket Scotland Board should be made up of a minimum of 40% men and 40% women. This threshold will be met once Trudy Lindblade replaces Pete Fitzboydon and commences her role as Chief Executive Officer in early 2024.

Status: In progress (No change) 

Action Plan

Action Plan to be developed by Cricket Scotland which addresses the immediate actions and short-term KPIs contained within the Changing The Boundaries report. The Action Plan should be approved by sportscotland by 30 September 2022. Initial short-term Changing The Boundaries Action Plan approved by sportscotland. Implementation to be reviewed to ensure it delivers against all recommendations and significantly improves not only the systems and practices but also the culture within Cricket Scotland.

  • Cricket Scotland has now appointed a Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Head of Changing The Boudaries and Conduct In Sport Manager.
  • External anti-racism and EDI Advisory Group has been reestablished and met for the first time on Wednesday 12 July 2023.
  • Further meetings of the EDI Advisory Group took place on 22 August 2023and 29 September 2023.
  • Agreement has been reached on the Terms of Reference for the external anti-racism and EDI Advisory Group.
  • Draft anti-racism and EDI Strategy and Delivery Plan currently being developed.
  • Once complete, the anti-racism and EDI Strategy and Delivery Plan will be fully consulted on with the cricketing community including anti-racism campaigners.
  • Anti-racism and EDI training delivered for Cricket Scotland staff and board members with further training for match officials, clubs and regional associations to take place during November.
  • In addition, a further session has been organised for the women’s and men’s squad and any staff who were unable to take part in the first session.

Status: Complete (No change) 

Special measures (WDCU)

Western District Cricket Union (WDCU) is placed in special measures by Cricket Scotland with immediate effect.

Status: Ongoing (No change)

WDCU disciplinary processes

Temporary and immediate suspension of WDCU’s role in managing all disciplinary matters relating to its competitions and clubs. These are to be handed to an alternative organisation to manage.

Status: Complete (No change)

WDCU review

An urgent, independent review into the overall effectiveness of WDCU’s Management Committee implementation of the disciplinary processes to be completed by 30 September 2022.

  • New WDCU Executive Committee appointed 7 September 2022.
  • 50% of newly Executive Committee positions filled by people from ethnically diverse communities.
  • Independent review of disciplinary process now complete.
  • Recommendations passed to new WDCU Executive Committee for further action.

Status: Complete (No change)


Cricket Scotland addresses the backlog in referrals generated from the review. All investigations resulting from referrals to be expedited by a third party with the appropriate expertise.

Following publication of the Changing The Boundaries report in July 2022, the number of referrals has increased from 68 to 87, relating to 53 allegations of racism against 31 different people, two clubs and two Regional Associations.

In total there are 62 unique complaints, with nine considered to be non-race related. All complaints received are reviewed as part of an independent process being led by leading sports law firm Harper MacLeod LLP, Bishop Lloyd and Jackson Solicitors and Sporting Equals, with support for complainants where appropriate from Running Out Racism.

As part of this stage of the process, the independent investigation team is now directly engaging with respondents and witnesses. When these investigations are complete the independent investigations team will submit a report and associated recommendation(s) to Cricket Scotland for final decisions and actions.

A total of 33 referrals have now been concluded with a further nine handed to Cricket Scotland for examination by the independent investigation team. Across the 33 referrals that have been concluded, the total number of recommended actions stands at 155, with 133 of them unique when repeated recommendations are taken into account. All these actions have been accepted in full by Cricket Scotland and have been included in agreed, and soon to be published, action plans. Examples of these learnings include:

  • Updating the Cricket Scotland disciplinary Code of Conduct.
  • Universal acceptance of Cricket Scotland’s Code of Conduct within Scottish cricket.
  • An expedient and consistent disciplinary process to deal with complaints.
  • A fair and transparent selection policy to be followed at all levels.
  • Record keeping to be made a priority.
  • Support and processes to be provided for players involved in any complaints and disciplinary processes.
  • Building and establishing EDI training including on bullying, harassment and understanding of terminology across the wider cricket community.
  • Improving communication to stakeholders within cricket.
  • Establishing appropriate whistleblowing procedures that are recorded and archived in accordance with GDPR guidance.
  • Creating a clear code of conduct and guidance around acceptable behaviour, and publishing details of available robust sanctions for both deterrent and disciplinary purposes.
  • Establishing a secure digital library of complaints, codes, disciplinary investigations, disciplinary action, and associated materials.
  • Issuing guidance to staff, players, and officials on social media usage, whilst offering improved support to those suffering online abuse.
  • Educating players, staff, and officials around responsibilities and behaviours within roles with Cricket Scotland.
  • Updating and widening the Cricket Scotland code of conduct and disciplinary rules, including improved guidelines around sanctions for race related misconduct.
  • Improving communication to stakeholders within cricket.
  • Establishing EDI/anti-racism and terminology training for Cricket Scotland staff, match officials and the wider cricket community.
  • Establishing appropriate whistleblowing procedures that are recorded and archived in accordance with GDPR guidance; ensuring whistle-blowers are properly protected after making a complaint, including setting up procedures that ensure anonymity for complainants.
  • Reviewing and clearly communicating Cricket Scotland anti-bullying policies to all staff and coaches; reviewing safe-guarding processes.
  • Educational awareness to players, staff, and coaches around body shaming.
  • Ensuring all staff and external contractors are aware of appropriate dietary requirements and food provisions at matches, events and on tours.

Status: In Progress (No change)

Date published: 31 October 2023
Date updated: 1 November 2023


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