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The Sport Educator workforce is ‘the workforce behind the workforce’. They provide the high quality training and development opportunities for those who are employed and volunteer in the sport and leisure industry, who in turn provide the best sporting experience for the people of Scotland.

Due to the COVID pandemic restrictions placed on learning and development, and our ability to meet physically in a classroom environment, we have spent the last few months re-developing sportscotland’s Sport Education Professional Development Award (PDA SET), to deliver the award for nominated Sport Educators, in an innovative virtual way. The award is still certified at SCQF Level 7 and is equivalent of an Advanced Higher, HNC or CertHE.  As the course requires approximately 120 hours to complete we have split the course into a series of interactive virtual sessions (90 minute bitesize chunks) and still includes some personal study time and building an e-portfolio.  A list of the modular programme with set dates is below. It is important that the Sport Educator commits to all 10 modules within this cohort, otherwise not only does it take the place up for another learner it also it puts a massive amount of extra administration and National Trainer time for people not completing.

PDA SET Virtual:


  1. Module 1 Introductions to the team and programme
  2. Module 2 Learning to learn
  3. Module 3: Working with adult/young learners
  4. Module 4: Questing craft
  5. Module 5: Facilitating within virtual classrooms
  6. Module 6 Enabling ourselves and others
  7. Module 7: Case studies/research 1
  8. Module 8 Case studies/research 2
  9. Observation assignment 1
  10. Observation assignment 2

Please note: all sportscotland Sport Educator training courses cost up to £450 per candidate and is fully funded by sportscotland. 

Please see below for the link to the nomination form for sports and local authorities to put forward your candidates for PDA training.

Any questions please contact us on


2021/22 Course dates:

PDA V1 June (Thursdays 10.30 – 12pm June  - September) FULL

Module 1: 17th June 10.30-12pm

Module 2 : 1st July 10.30-12pm

Module 3: 15th July 10.30-12pm

Module 4: 22nd July 10.30-12pm

Module 5: 29th July 10.30-12pm

Module 6: 12th August 10.30-12pm

Module 7: 19th August 10.30-12pm

Module 8:  2nd September 10.30-12pm

Observation assignment 1: 16th September 10.30-12pm & 1.00 - 2.30pm

Observation assignment 2: 30th September 10.30-12pm & 1.00 –2.30pm


PDA V2 September (Thursdays 10 – 12pm September – December)

Module 1: 2nd September 9.00am - 10.30am

Module 2: 9th September 10.30-12pm

Module 3: 23rd September 10.30-12pm

Module 4: 30th September 10.30-12pm

Module 5: 7th October 10.30-12pm

Module 6: 28th October 10.30-12pm

Module 7: 4th November 10.30-12pm

Module 8: 18th November 10.30-12pm

Observation assignment 1: 25th November 10.30 -12pm & 1pm – 2.30

Observation assignment 2: 9th December 10.30 -12pm & 1pm – 2.30


PDA V3 January 2022 (Tuesdays & Thursdays all 6.00pm – 7.30pm January – March)


Module 1: Tuesday 11th January

Module 2: Tuesday 18th January

Module 3: Tuesday 1st February

Module 4: Thursday 3rd February

Module 5: Tuesday 8th February

Module 6 Tuesday 22nd February

Module 7: Tuesday 1st March

Module 8 Tuesday 8th March

Observation assignment 1: Tuesday 15th March & Thursday 17th March

Observation assignment 2: Tuesday 29th March & Thursday 31st March


PDA Assessor

Session 1: Tuesday 7th September 6pm - 7.30pm

Session 2: Tuesday 21st September 6pm - 7.30pm

Session 3: Tuesday 5th October 6pm - 7.30pm


PDA Internal Verifier

Session 1: Monday 17th January 6pm - 7.30pm

Session 2: Monday 31st January 6pm - 7.30pm

Session 3: Monday 21st February 6pm - 7.30pm




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Date published: 17 November 2016
Date updated: 10 May 2021


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