YPSP: Access to sport group

The Young People’s Sport Panel (YPSP) is a group of young people from across Scotland selected to help influence and shape the future of sport nationally, and to raise the profile of sport. The group is made up of 20 passionate young people between the ages of 14 and 23 driving to make sport the best it can be in Scotland. The panel is sub-divided into focus groups who have each targeted key areas across the sporting system that they wish to positively influence: Inclusion, Schools and Education, and Access to Sport.


Background information

The Access to sport subgroup’s is focussed on breaking down barriers to improve access to sport and physical activity. Geographical, financial, and physical barriers were all linked back to the broad umbrella of “access” however, through brainstorming and then narrowing down ideas, the group decided to focus on the “Kit For All” concept.

The group concluded that having the correct clothing or kit for sport or physical activity comes at an additional expense to the membership fees and travel costs associated with sport and physical activity. The group agreed that many of them had sports clothes which were in good condition but too small, or no longer worn, which be passed on to someone else.

Whether it’s pressure to own branded kit, having club-specific clothes, keeping up with new kit for growing children or for adults wishing to venture into a new activity, the cost of having appropriate clothing for activity can be a significant financial burden. Forming the connection between good-quality second-hand sports clothing and those who need it, seemed a logical, simple and sustainable solution which the group hope could really change lives.

Date published: 24 February 2022
Date updated: 10 March 2022


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