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Developed through a partnership between sportscotland and Youth Sport Trust, this resource is based on ten years of research and consultation into girls' sport, physical activity and physical education. Discussions with a range of stakeholders identified ten core strategies for improving sport for girls, and tips and ideas of how to implement these. 

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Adopt a multi-skills/ multi-sports approach or use adapted activities so girls develop physical skills across a range of activities

As part of the reporting-back process, involve the girls in identifying solutions to problems or in agreeing further developments

Ask the girls what activities they enjoy. Offer different choices/pathways so girls are motivated by working with others with similar interests

Avoid language that could perpetuate stereotypes and negative self-perceptions

Balance competitive and non-competitive activities

Connect with local and national charities to incentivise girls’ participation

Consult with a wide variety of girls

Create a ‘personal best’ culture

Create regular or ongoing opportunities for girls to share their views

Deploy girls in a wide range of leadership roles within PEPAS so they inspire and motivate other girls in school to take part

Design the timetable so PE lessons follow or precede the lunch break, making it easier for girls to take part in lunchtime activity sessions.

Don’t make assumptions

Draw on parent/carers’ contacts, knowledge and skills to offer girls a wider range of activities, delivery styles and role models

Draw on the expertise of other agencies, such as health and leisure, to improve girls’ understanding of how to lead healthy, active lifestyles – now and in the future

Embed consultation about girls’ PEPAS in other forums

Emphasise enjoyment and work with girls to find out what makes PEPAS enjoyable for them

Enable girls to choose and organise their own activities within extra-curricular sessions

Enable girls to choose, adapt and organise their own activities within multi-activity extra-curricular sessions

Enable girls to take leadership awards and qualifications through PE or enrichment opportunities

Enable girls to take on a variety of leadership roles – such as coach, official, team manager, media manager, promoter, steward, administrator etc

Date published: 29 March 2017
Date updated: 10 October 2018


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