Lorna and Sarah Halley

Badminton twins

Sarah and Lorna Halley, twins from Fife have been involved in badminton since primary school and were encouraged to attend coaching sessions after showing promise in the sport. 

They have played for numerous clubs since and in the last 3 years decided to take up volunteering in the sport after seeing a line judge opportunity arise with badmintonscotland. 

Glasgow 2014 bound

The twins made such great progress as line judges that they are now part of the Glasgow 2014 technical officials programme supported by sportscotland and Glasgow 2014.  This programme has helped develop Scottish technical officials in a range of sports to officiate in the Games in July, an opportunity they are both looking forward to, Sarah explains; “Being part of the technical officials programme is an amazing opportunity. This is the first Commonwealth Games to be held in Scotland in our life time. Therefore we feel privileged to have been selected as line judges for the whole event.”

Lorna explains what’s involved; “The role involves making either an ‘in’ or ‘out’ call depending on where the shuttle lands. As the top players can smash the shuttle faster than 200 mph this requires a great deal of concentration at all times. It is the line judge’s job to communicate the line call to the umpire, players and spectators, so it is very important to make clear decisive calls – no pressure!”

What it's given us

Volunteering in their sport has become an important part of their lives and they frequently take weeks off work and give up their time to take part.  Sarah tells us “Volunteering is a unique way to not only be involved in sport, but to watch your favourite sport at the heart of the action.  Without volunteers, major Scottish badminton events would not take place.

Date published: 13 September 2016
Date updated: 13 September 2016


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