Volunteer case studies

Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in sport, develop new skills and stay engaged in a sport.

Their stories

Don't just take it from us that volunteering in sport is a worthwhile thing to do, take it from the actual volunteers who dedicate their time every week to give something back to their local clubs and sport.

We hope these people inspire you to get involved in volunteering, sport needs you!

Catherine Miller

Young Ambassador Catherine has a passion and desire to improve the quality of sport and physical activity sessions delivered to children and young people.  During her year in the Fife School of sport education programme, she clocked up a record amount of 422 volunteer hours.

Lucy Thompson

Over the past 12 months, Lucy has helped develop sport in her local area by volunteering over 500 hours of her time. She has been actively involved in her local Active School programme, is highly skilled in a multitude of sports & in 2013 was awarded with the Dumfries and Galloway Young Volunteer Award.

Stuart McPhail

During Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Stuart performed as the mascot Clyde and completed over 1400 hours volunteering in the role. He helped take Clyde to every local authority in Scotland, reaching well over 1 million people during this period.

Ewan MacPherson

Ewan led the formation of NESS (North East Scotland Sailing), one of the most active of the 10 Sailing Development Groups in Scotland and has fostered relations with the dozen or more sailing clubs in the North East. 

He has put in a a huge amount of voluntary work for RYA Scotland promoting sailing, training and club development and is now vice-chair of its management committee.

Gavin Cruikshanks

Grove Menzies Hockey Club

Gavin gives up his time to be not only the club treasurer but he also gets involved in officiating within the sport of hockey.  Read his story.

Lorna and Sarah Halley

Badminton and Glasgow 2014 line judges

Lorna and Sarah are twins who both feel in love with badminton and have worked their way to the top!  They now have the opportunity to be line judges at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  Read their journey.

Gareth Scott

Coach and sportscotland Young Volunteer of the Year 2013

For someone so young Gareth dedicates his time to coaching other young people in sport as well as being at school full time and carrying out his role as a Young Ambassador.  Read his story.

If you're a volunteer in sport and would like to share your story please let us know by emailingcommunications@sportscotland.org.uk

Date published: 13 September 2016
Date updated: 11 March 2022


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