UK Coaching (SCUK) Workshops

UK Coaching Workshops

sportscotland partners with UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) to provide practical, bite-sized sessions for today’s coaches. Many Scottish Governing Bodies require registered coaches to have completed one or more of these courses, particularly the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops.

A list of upcoming UK Coaching and other relevant courses is available on our Training Course List

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You can register for a course by contacting the workshop organiser listed.

If you are a coach you will find CPD information in the Coaching CPD section. 


Workshop Overview

More information about each course listed below is available on the UK Coaching website.

Safeguarding & Protecting Children (SPC1)

Every child deserves to enjoy their sport. This workshop will raise your awareness of the tell-tale signs of abuse, and give you the tools and confidence you need to deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively should the need ever arise in your coaching career. This workshop is a prerequisite for Children 1st’s In Safe Hands course.

Safeguarding & Protecting Children 2 (SPC2)

This three-hour workshop reflects on practice, is aimed primarily at coaches and builds on knowledge gained on the Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) workshop. It is recommended that individuals first attend the SPC workshop and follow this up with SPC 2 every two to three years.

Safeguarding & Protecting Children 16-18 (SPC16-18)

Delivering the same important content as the SPC1 course, this workshop is targeted for young people aged 16-18, who are themselves working with children in sport, as a volunteer or coach.

Analysing your Coaching 

This practical workshop is designed to help coaches analyse their

coaching against the desired performance of a skilled coach.

At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • recognise analysis as a systematic process and identify the steps involved
  • identify the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of skilled coaching performance
  • construct a checklist of coaching behaviours that reflect skilled performance in their current coaching situation and then use it to analyse their coaching
  • identify some of the methods and tools used to carry out observation and analysis and select possible strategies and actions for improvement.

Coaching Children (5-12 Years)

Our newly-evolved workshop incorporates the latest research on essential topics that are intrinsic in the coaching of children between the ages of 5 and 12. This is an exciting chance for you to reconsider the emphasis of your coaching and enhance the experience of your young participants. The new chapters will be delivered in a practical way to provide you with all the innovative techniques and cutting-edge information you need to become a more effective coach.

Equity in your Coaching

Everyone should have access to sport, regardless of gender, age, race, ability, faith or sexual orientation. This workshop will show you the best ways to make this a reality. Your tutor will give you practical advice on how to adapt your existing skills to make your coaching sessions attractive to everyone.

Guide to Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful tool in the education and development of sports coaches at all levels. If you’re interested in developing your skills in the area of mentoring other coaches, then this workshop is for you.

How to Coach Disabled People in Sport

Suitable for all coaches, this workshop aims to answer the commonly asked questions about disabled sports participants and it will show you how, with a few minor adjustments to the way you work, you can make your coaching more inclusive and effective.

How to Deliver Engaging Sessions

Ultimately, how people feel about your first few coaching sessions will ensure they keep coming back again and again to enjoy their sport. This workshop will develop your coaching skills, equipping you with the essential knowledge to ensure new participants do just that.

Organising a Workshop

Workshops organisers are generally sport Governing Bodies or Local Authorities. If you are looking to arrange a workshop for a smaller entity or club, your should contact your relevant SGB or LA in the first instance, to see if they can organise an appropriate workshop for you.

If you are planning a UK Coaching (previously Sports Coach UK) workshop, it must be registered with sportscotland. You can do that on our Workshop Registration page.

Register a Workshop

If your workshop is not a UK Coaching course, you can still advertise it on our website by contacting


Organiser's Role

A checklist to help you plan your workshop is available here: Organising a Workshop

Some of the key responsibilities of the workshop organiser beyond registering the workshop, is to arrange a venue, contact and arrange payment for a tutor, ensure that any required resources are available, provide sportscotland with a register of attendees and distribute certificates.


A list of tutors is available on the Approved Tutor List. The workshop organiser should contact a tutor directly when arranging a workshop.

Workshop Resources

Additional resources are not required for workshops, but can be very beneficial for course attendees. A selection relevant to different workshops can be found at Coachwise, part of 1st4sport at Your tutor can talk to you about what they recommend.


The organiser is responsible for distributing electronic .pdf certificates to workshop attendees. After the workshop, send a typed list of all attendees’ full names to We will reply with the certificates, within 2 weeks.

Date published: 28 March 2018
Date updated: 10 April 2018


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