Child Wellbeing & Protection in Sport Training (CWPS)


In response the 2018 SGB and local authority survey that helped gather data of gaps in safeguarding training and partner consultation events, sportscotland has developed its’ own training resource to replace the UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (SPC) material.

This resource will:

  • Enhance current provision with creation of additional learning opportunities to reflect changes in society and sport.
  • Map against National Framework for Child Protection Learning and Development in Scotland 2012 and CIMPSA Professional Standards for Safeguarding and Protection of Children Standards.
  • Take a blended learning approach which embraces digital delivery and face to face learning to increase the accessibility of training.
  • Support the review of UKCC in relation to the development of common units.
  • Explore an approach to education and training provision for protected adults
  • Reflect the Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (Standards).

To support partners with this change of delivery model the following FAQs provide guidance and help explain and the delivery process of delivering the new training resource.

Frequently asked questions

From the 1 April 2019 this new training resource will replace the UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (SPC). This training will be called “Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport” (CWPS). CWPS has been developed in partnership with Children 1st and will take a blended learning approach.  This includes an online module (module 1) which is theory-based followed by a face-to-face learning intervention (module 2). This is suitable for all adults involved in sports organisations that have under 18 participants.  It is targeted at all practitioners e.g. all coaches and volunteers working and volunteering directly with children and young people.

Alongside this there will be role specific training for Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers and Young Leaders. There is also an awareness resource for parents, committees and office bearers (currently under development and will be available later in 2019/20).

Yes, from the 1 April 2019. The new training resource refreshes some of the learning techniques using current scenario-based learning.

Module 1 is accessed via a website link hosted on the sportscotland website. This link can also be used by course organisers and can be placed on websites, booking and learning management systems and email communications, such as course reminders.

Module 1 is compatible on android and/or desktop.

Typically, it will take 45 minutes which must be done in a single session.  You will not be able to close the session and return to where you stopped.  There is key information you will need to be able to successfully complete Module 2.

Ideally within 6 months. If a learner completes module 1 and doesn’t attend onto module 2 within 6 months, then they will have to redo module 1. The training organiser is encouraged to set up reminders to learners to make sure they complete module 1 before attending module 2.  The module 1 link can be placed on reminders.

NOTE: The course organiser must take all necessary steps to ensure that learners know they MUST complete module 1 before attending module 2.  This could be done by providing evidence of completion of module 1 before accepting bookings.  However, ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual learner to complete module 1 prior to attending module 2.

Training organisers please ensure that this is made clear to the learners BEFORE booking is made or is payment is taken.

The tutor will note on the register that the learner hasn’t completed Module 1 but can stay to complete Module 2. The learner must then complete Module 1 and provide evidence to sportscotland in order to receive their certificate.

There is no pass and fail but the learner won’t be able to click through the pages and not answer the questions. They won’t be able to move on until they select the right answer.  Learners must complete module 1 in one session as they will not be able to close the module and return to where they stopped.

The first part of module 2 will check understanding of the information covered in module 1. However, learners will struggle to make sense of the terminology used in module 2 if they cheated. They may therefore fail to meet the learning outcomes and will leave the course without a certificate.

Not from sportscotland, unless there is an issue with the platform (you will be made aware of any issues).

No, you don’t need to re-register these workshops. The tutors will be orientated in the new resource by the end of March 2019, ready to tutor in April. Please continue to follow the same administration process as before – register your workshop, appoint an approved tutor and return a register with learner’s names, email address and proof of module 1 completion, as soon after the workshop has been delivered.

No additional costs to the training organisers and all eLearning resources will sit on sportscotland’s digital platforms. There is no need to purchase any accompanying resource. Tutor costs remain the same at £35/hour plus travel expenses at 0.28p/mile.

No, they don’t need to go through more training, unless their current Safeguarding certificate has expired and is over 3 years old. If it has expired then yes, they need to complete module 1 and 2. They then follow the renewal process after that.

Learners will have to renew their Safeguarding training every 3 years. For example, if a candidate completes Module 1 and 2 in April 2019 then by March 2022, they must complete a refresher Module (currently under development) and at least one of the online topics. This is valid for another 3 years. Then in April 2025 they repeat module 1 and 2 of CWPS again. The process is repeated thereafter.

These Modules are still under development, but will all be accessed on-line. They have been identified through the Safeguarding survey and via the Standards. These modules will take approximately 45 - 60 mins to complete. The examples of these topics are:

  • Mental health
  • PVG
  • Social Media
  • Dealing with a concern
  • Anti-bullying
  • Trips away
  • Self-harm and Eating disorders
  • Protected adults

All CPO’s will have to complete both module 1 and 2 of CWPS. They will then have to complete the Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer Training (CWPO) specifically for this role. This new resource is scheduled to be launched during 2019/20 and will replace “In Safe Hands”. The CWPOs can also complete the online renewal Modules.

There are training resources in development that provide the required knowledge and skills for individuals role within child welfare and protection.  The resources will provide awareness for the limited contact workforce such as, board members, committee members, club secretaries etc., or anyone who is in a non-coaching role. Also suitable for leisure centre staff, lifeguards etc.

Check with your SGB the requirements for U18s engaged in coaching.  U18s can complete CWPS module 1 & 2 but must inform the training organiser who will inform the tutor.  

All Tutors who are on the sportscotland approved tutor list will be invited to attend a tutor orientation day. In order to remain approved, the tutor must have attended one of the orientation events before they start delivering CWPS. Once these tutors start delivering this resource then the gaps in delivery can be established and further orientation events will be delivered to meet the need of partners.

Every tutor must keep their tutoring skills up to date and access CPD either through their employer or through sportscotland sport educator CPD events. They also must attend a tutor update at least once a year to update them on the workshop content. There are also spot checks on tutors to ensure that they are being consistent in their delivery.

The next phase of Safeguarding training is in development and will provide awareness training specifically for sports officials and volunteers; committee and office bearers; young leaders. In the meantime Module 1 is very appropriate for them to do but check first with your governing body.

Yes, all CPOs are required to complete both Modules before attending ‘In Safe Hands’ or your governing body equivalent. 

This will depend on your club setup and Governing Body (SGB).  Check with your SGB Safeguarding Officer/ or Children 1st for guidance on requirements.

SGBs are responsible for determining what training their coaches, officials, CPOs and members should do.  Check with your SGB.

For information please email

Date published: 21 March 2019
Date updated: 14 May 2019


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