Gold Award validation

The School Sport Award is designed to encourage schools to self evaluate and continuously improve their physical education and school sport offer. This should be an on-going process, even for schools that have achieved Gold.

Gold Award status lasts for 3 academic years, at the end of which your school will be expected to re-apply to validate their Gold status for a further 3 years. For example if you gained a Gold Award based on academic year 2016/17 your current award will expire in June 2020.

Through the Gold Award validation process we want schools to reflect on the journey they have been on over the past 3 academic years and tell us how they have continued to meet the 3 aims of the School Sport Award:

1. To encourage schools to self reflect and continuously improve
2. To recognise and celebrate successful PE & school sport models
3. To put young people at the forefront of the decision making, planning and implementation processes



Gold Award validation process:

The Gold Award Validation process still requires completion of a Gold Award application, however, this time we are not looking for the same level of detail.
This time, your supporting statements and evidence for each core area are only required to cover these two elements:

  • Maintained – What has been a continuous strength? Provide an example of best practice, and describe what you did?
  • New and/or Improved – Anything new or areas of improvement? Provide an example of best practice - what did you do?


Step by step process:

1. If you have not already done so for this academic year, complete a self assessment. You will be eligible to reapply for a Gold Award if you score 75% or above and meet the minimum requirements.

2. Use the PowerPoint template provided to create a slide or slides for each section to describe what your school has maintained, what is new and / or improved.

3. Refer back to your original development plan in order to answer these  questions. i.e. one school may have highlighted school sport, pathways and CLPL as areas to improve. We would therefore expect to hear what they have done to try and maintain, improve or add something new to try and develop these areas.

4. You only need to submit one or two slides per section, we are not asking for masses of information. Only focus on: maintained, new or Improved.

5. You might not have maintained, improved and new areas to cover each section - this is okay, as long as you can state what is currently happening.

6. Next stage is your vision for the future and this will become the basis of your new development plan.

7. Complete supporting statements by the school lead and school sport committee to provide the context.

8. Submit your application by 15 May 2020

9. You MUST upload your slides to each and every one of the 8 or 9 sections and remember to add lead and pupil supporting statements to all sections (the system will not let you submit the application otherwise)



School Development Plan


Gold award validation example - primary schools


Gold award validation example - secondary schools


Date published: 21 February 2017
Date updated: 10 January 2020


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