1st time applying for Gold

Minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for a Gold School Sport Award:

• Have an established sport committee led by pupils
• Completed the online self assessment and achieved an overall score of 75% or above
• Be delivering 2 hours per week of physical education to every pupil (primary) or 2 periods per week of core physical education to every pupil in S1 to S4 (secondary)
• Desirable that a minimum of 40% of the school roll participates in extra curricular sport.
• Have regular* extra curricular sport on offer to pupils in all year groups (P1-7 for primary and S1-6 for secondary).

*regular = minimum of 3 sessions attended per pupil.

Applying for a Gold School Sport Award

(this does not apply to schools applying for a Bronze or Silver School Sport Award)

The first step is to complete the self-assessment tool - if you have an overall score of 75% or above you can then apply for Gold. If you have scored highly enough, you will be asked to go back through each section, upload evidence to support your application, add supporting statements from staff and pupils, and upload your development plan.


Best practice examples:

Please note - all images used in these examples are from public facing social media account of schools who have applied for the School Sport Award.


Development plans:


Apply for a School Sport Award


Date published: 21 February 2017
Date updated: 17 January 2020


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