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The sportscotland School Sport Award focuses on nine core areas:

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1. Physical education

All pupils should have access to 2 hours/2 periods of physical education.

2. School sport

All pupils should have access to a range of quality extra curricular sports and activities to take part in before, during and after school.

3. Pathways

There should be clear pathways to a range of community sport opportunities to encourage life long participation for all pupils.

4. Compete and perform

Opportunities to compete and perform in events, festivals and competitions

5. Celebrating sport

At all levels including; participation, performance, spectating, leading, coaching and officiating.

6. Leadership

Opportunities for pupils to lead, coach, officiate and influence sport in their schools.


7. Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL)

A choice of quality physical education and sport related Career Long Professional Development (CLPL) opportunities on offer for all staff and volunteer deliverers.

8. Recognition and awards

Recognition and awards for the staff and volunteers who give up their time to support, organise or deliver extra curricular sport and physical activity opportunities in the school.

9. Access to school facilities (secondary only)

Strong links to local clubs and preferential access to school facilities for these organisations.

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Date published: 13 October 2016
Date updated: 03 April 2020


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