National evaluation of the Active Schools programme


In April 2014 sportscotland commissioned ODS Consulting to evaluate the Active Schools programme.  The research aimed explore the impact of Active Schools, the quality of Active Schools activity and to collect learning and examples of best practice.

Key findings from the research:

  • The research suggests that Active Schools has had a positive impact on attitudes to sport and health; confidence; volunteering and leadership opportunities; and the culture and ethos of schools.
  • The Active Schools programme is achieving its core aim of supporting more and better opportunities
  • Leadership should remain a key priority within Active Schools.  Consideration should be given to amalgamating or better linking the range of leadership initiatives in place.
  • National initiatives should continue to have a role in Active Schools.  However, consideration should be given to the number of initiatives; the flexibility local Active Schools teams should have in implementing these; and the lead in time.
  • There should be an ongoing focus on developing links from schools to clubs.  Where possible, links should be made with a mix of competitive clubs and community clubs or classes – to provide opportunities at all levels.

In addition to the full report, there is a learning note, which summarises the key learning from the research.

Please also see our national and local Active Schools monitoring statistics.

Outputs from research:

Date published: 07 December 2016
Date updated: 09 January 2018


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