Scottish Target Shooting: Chair

Role Type: Non-Executive Director

Term of Office: 4 Years to 2023 (Maximum of 8 Years to 2027, see below)

Committees: Board of Directors (chair) and ex-officio on all Working Groups (member)

The Chair of the STS Board will lead the Board in fulfilling its strategic direction, governance and leadership responsibilities. The Chair of the STS Board will manage senior staff to achieve the overall strategic and company objectives.

Who are Scottish Target Shooting? 

Scottish Target Shooting (STS) is a unified governing body created in 2016 to help develop the sport of target shooting in Scotland. As a new governing body, we are looking to have a positive impact on clubs and help individuals of all abilities, across all the various disciplines of the sport. Having just completed our last 4 year investment cycle this is an exciting time for the new Chair to lead the organisation through the next 4 year cycle implementing our new strategic plan, focusing on supporting and growing the different varieties of target shooting from the grassroots up to Commonwealth and Olympic Games level. Scotland has an excellent track record in the sport and after winning 6 medals at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast and now having a world champion we also want to create a positive profile around the sport and the role of the chair will be crucial in forging relationships with British Shooting, NRA and NSRA.

What will be my tasks and responsibilities?

You will be asked to drive the following areas, supported by your fellow directors on the Board and senior staff:

  • Provide strategic leadership in the development of STS’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan
  • Acting as a lead figure for and represent STS at various formal and informal functions and meetings
  • Ensure effective and efficient operation of the Board in fulfilling its legal and governance obligations
  • Support and manage the performance of senior staff against agreed objectives, including an annual appraisal
  • Forge partnerships with relevant agencies
  • Understand the views of the membership directly and through fellow directors and staff
  • Set the agenda, chair and plan the annual cycle of Board meetings
  • Monitor that decisions taken at meetings are implemented
  • Work with senior staff to keep an overview of the company’s affairs, provide support as appropriate and develop the Board
  • Facilitate organisational change and development
  • Sit on appointment, grievance and disciplinary panels as appropriate

How Long Will I Be Expected To Serve For?

The Chair’s term can be served in addition to the time already spent on the Board. After one Commonwealth Games cycle (4 years) there will be a review meeting held between the Chair and a group appointed by the Board. This will provide an opportunity to discuss if the current Chair will continue for a further (and final) 4 years. On standing down from the role of Chair, the candidate is not eligible for appointment to a Board position for a minimum period of 12 months but is still able to serve on Working Groups if appropriate and willing.

What Will Be My Annual Commitments?

The following meetings are the regular, scheduled meetings that can be planned in the diary in advance. There will be times when other meetings are required but the volunteer aspect of the role will always be respected:

  • Chair 4-6 STS Board meetings held for 2-3 hours every 2 months
  • Chair the STS AGM held on a weekend day in April
  • Attend review meetings with sportscotland at least once per year
  • Bi-monthly update meetings with STS COO either in person, over the phone or online
  • Annual appraisal meeting with STS COO in person
  • Represent STS at meetings of external groups as and when required

Is This A Paid Position?

The position of STS Chair, as with all other Non-Executive Directors on the STS Board, is unpaid. However, all reasonable out-of-pocket expense incurred on STS business will be reimbursed immediately via BACS.

What Is The Organisational Structure?

The Chair is an Officer of the Board and a Non-Executive Director, appointed in accordance with the Articles of Association and with direct line management responsibility for the senior staff of STS. The Chair is ex-officio on all STS working groups but is only required to attend these meetings as and when it is necessary.

What knowledge, skills & qualities are required?

Applicants are not expected to fulfil all the criteria but should be able to demonstrate the majority of the following:

 Knowledge & Experience:

  • Experience of governance at either Board or executive level
  • Experience of working in or with the Voluntary Sector
  • Experience in developing strategy and managing staff
  • Corporate and political networking and relationship building


  • Ability to provide direction, leadership and a strategic vision
  • Good diplomatic and ambassadorial skills
  • Ability to negotiate, influence and convince
  • An excellent communicator

Personal Qualities:

  • Promote and uphold high standards of integrity
  • Support other Directors in their leadership of STS while monitoring their own conduct
  • Question intelligently, debate constructively, challenge rigorously and decide dispassionately
  • Listen sensitively to the views of others

Further information and applications

Date published: 08 April 2019
Date updated: 08 April 2019


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