Children’s Sports Coach: Enjoy-a-Ball Edinburgh North West

Children’s Sports Coach (part-time) - £12/hour

Enjoy-a-Ball Edinburgh North West is looking for a coach to provide term-time classes in the North West of Edinburgh area, plus occasional birthday parties and school sessions. They may also be asked to cover holiday camps.

The ideal candidate must:

  • Have a driving licence and own car
  • Be able to work weekends
  • Be reliable and self-motivated
  • Enjoy working with young children
  • Have good people skills
  • Be patient and calm
  • Have a sense of humour and good imagination
  • Be full of beans and fun!

Please do not apply if any of the above does not apply to you.

Sporting experience is not essential, but the ability to talk to children and understand them is very important. Children who come to Enjoy-a-Ball and their parents need to have a reliable coach they can trust.

Initially, I am looking for someone who will work alongside me and receive training before progressing to running their own classes. Occasional marketing work will be required also. The successful candidate will be working with children aged 3 - 8 years. Initial hours will be 13 hours per week.

This is a long-term role, possibly leading to a very successful coaching career. Extra classes and responsibilities with corresponding financial rewards will be provided if the successful candidate performs well.

If selected, you will be asked to observe an Enjoy-a-Ball class, then asked to participate in classes on subsequent visits to determine suitability. If successful, you will be trained in Edinburgh by Enjoy-a-Ball Head Office.

If you think this role is for you, please call Paul on 07791 047 173, or reply to this ad. Please do not text.

Date published: 13 January 2020
Date updated: 13 January 2020


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