Case Advisory Group Member: Children 1st

A fantastic opportunity to help keep children and adults safe in sport

Do you have a background in HR, Law, Sports Governance, Safeguarding/Social Work/Mental Health or experience of reporting a wellbeing or protection concern in a sporting context?

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity to use your knowledge and experience to make a difference for others?

We are looking for passionate, skilled, and confident volunteers who believe in the positive value of sport and are committed to making it a safe place for everyone. We would love you to be part of the Children 1st team! 

What you will be doing

The Case Advisory Group will provide an independent route for Scottish governing bodies of sport (SGBs) to seek advice, opinions and recommendations around specific cases where a concern or complaint has been raised about a child or adult’s wellbeing and/or protection in their sport.

The volunteer Group Member role will consider the case, then join an online group meeting with other expert volunteers to collaboratively agree the feedback to support SGBs with suggestions on their next steps. Decision-making remains the responsibility of the SGB, however accessing this group’s knowledge and experience will be a key benefit in considering important processes around investigations, disciplinary and appeal hearings. Your expertise will help inform these organisations in the best way possible.

Commitment to this role includes attending induction training, availability of 8-10 hours per month to include pre-meeting reading of confidential cases and attendance at online group meetings, over a minimum of one year. Please see the role description.

To apply please go to Case Advisory Group Member | Volunteer | Children 1st

Date published: 15 May 2024
Date updated: 15 May 2024


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