Preparing your organisation as Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions ease

We advise you to connect with your governing body for any specific guidance they are offering their member clubs. Click for latest guidance from SGBs.

Local sports organisations, including clubs, schools or third sector organisations, have an opportunity to play a significant part in helping local communities re-connect through sport. As physical restrictions ease we have provided information and resources to help local sports clubs and community organisations to:

  • Create a safe space
  • Connect people and communities
  • Be inclusive

Create a safe space

Connect people and communities

Be inclusive

  • Taking a person-centred approach: Guidance on how your organisation can take a more person-centred approach when returning to activity
  • Wellbeing survey questions: Identify wellbeing challenges identified by participants, coaches or volunteers to help meet their needs
  • Webinar - why a changing lives approach is needed now more than ever
  • Webinar - what do we need to build into our activities when returning to sport
  • Scottish Disability Sport guidanceguidance for supporting participants with a disability to return to sport
Date published: 24 June 2020
Date updated: 13 July 2020


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