Preparing your organisation as Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions ease

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We advise you to connect with your governing body for any specific guidance they are offering their member clubs. Click for latest guidance from SGBs.

Local sports organisations, including clubs, schools or third sector organisations, have an opportunity to play a significant part in helping local communities re-connect through sport. As physical restrictions ease we have provided information and resources to help local sports clubs and community organisations to:

  • Create a safe space
  • Connect people and communities
  • Be inclusive

Create a safe space

Connect people and communities

  • Coach and Volunteer return to sport - Re-induction guide: template for coaches and volunteers involved in sports clubs and community organisations for shaping the return of sport
  • This webinar on confident coaching explores how we can help our coaches and volunteers feel confident and committed on their return to sport, specifically focussing on their concerns, support needed and their role to rebuild sport and communities
  • How-to guide for participants e.g how to travel to training, how to stay safe, how to keep others safe
  • Communications tools for club & community organisations to connect with participants, volunteers and partners
  • Communications themes Our communications themes help all of us to spread a consistent message about the great work going on across the sporting system. 
    • #PlayingOurPart – In recent months, the sporting system has been finding new ways to play its part in the community, and continues to adapt as we move towards a phased easing of lockdown. “Playing our part” frames sport in a positive way, positions everyone involved in sport as having a contribution to make to their communities, and makes it clear that sport is part of the solution to Scotland’s recovery plan.

    • #WeAreHere - We’ve been promoting the benefits of physical activity to support mental health throughout the shutdown. Working in partnership with SAMH, we're promoting resources on social media and through Sport First. Using #WeAreHere you can join the conversation to link physical activity and mental health and to reassure your members and local community of the benefits of physical activity for mental health.

    • How to support - You can help us to share these key messages with your own networks by including #PlayingOurPart or #WeAreHere in your social media posts.

    • Resources
  • Children 1stSafeguarding: Social media and online coaching guidance 
  • Walk & Talk - As part of the #WeAreHere message, members of our Young People's Sport Panel are encouraging people to take part in a walk and talk phone call. They have developed this idea with support from SAMH, with the aim of combining social connection and physical activity to support mental wellbeing. Find out more and get involved!
  • #SportHour - Another way to stay connected and to share is by joining our monthly twitter chat #Sporthour on the first Monday of every month from 9pm to 10pm where we’ll open up the conversation around physical activity and mental health. More details on how to get involved can be found here.

Be inclusive

  • Inclusion continuum tool: An activity tool to help sports organisations recognise who's included and who's not. The activity can be done by leaders of sporting organisations to help trigger conversations about who their organisation is for. The activity file includes descriptions groups of people who might live in a community. Instructions are included in the file and it's easy to get started.
    • The LITE version contains approximately 20 groups and the FULL version contains approximately 40 groups. 
  • Taking a person-centred approach: Guidance on how your organisation can take a more person-centred approach when returning to activity
  • Wellbeing survey questions: Identify wellbeing challenges identified by participants, coaches or volunteers to help meet their needs
  • Webinar - why a changing lives approach is needed now more than ever
  • Webinar - what do we need to build into our activities when returning to sport
  • Scottish Disability Sport guidanceguidance for supporting participants with a disability to return to sport
Date published: 24 June 2020
Date updated: 23 March 2022


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