Walk & Talk - get involved!

Physical activity and connection can both help to improve your mental wellbeing. So to kick off Mental Health Awareness Week, sportscotland and SAMH are encouraging you to combine these by taking part in a walk and talk phone call. This has been developed by our Young People's Sport Panel as part of our joint “We’re here” campaign to encourage people to use physical activity to support mental health.


How to get involved

  • Choose a friend, family member, colleague or teammate and set a time for your walk and talk phone call
  • Ask each other the questions below to start your conversation
  • Each take a photo while on your walk, then send to the other person
  • Share both of your photos on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram plus your highlight from the conversation
  • Use #WeAreHere and tag @sportscotland @SAMHtweets

Conversation starters

These questions have been developed by our Young People’s Sport Panel, and we hope they will help you to start an open conversation. You can of course move on to any topic you like!

  1. How are you doing at the moment?
  2. What have you been up to this week?
  3. How have you been keeping active?


More resources

If you or a friend or family member are struggling with any aspect of mental health, SAMH’s website offers a range of guidance and further support.

Date published: 20 May 2020
Date updated: 12 June 2020


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