Message from Head of Active Scotland, Andy Sinclair

24 April 2020 

Friends and colleagues,

You will be aware that yesterday the First Minister published the Scottish Government’s framework for decision making on the ongoing period of lockdown and outlines how we will determine the steps required to constrain the spread of the virus while minimising overall harm to health, society and the economy.

Both the Scottish Government and sportscotland are here to assist you during these challenging times and I hope you have found these dedicated webpages a useful resource to help navigate the latest guidance and financial support available to the sector.

It is clear that restrictions will remain in place for a considerable period of time, it is similarly clear that things will not return to normal immediately following the easing of the current restrictions in place. However, we cannot stay in lockdown indefinitely. In common with nations across the world, Scotland is planning for a managed transition away from current restrictions in a way that enables the suppression of transmission to continue. This will include ongoing physical distancing, the continued need for good hand hygiene and public hygiene, and enhanced public health surveillance.

I’m conscious that I have had discussions with many of you around the conditions that would need to be in place for sport, in its various forms, to safely return. These discussions are ongoing at UK level and I will of course keep you updated as those considerations become clearer.

As and when restrictions are lifted over the coming months it would be sensible for organisations, with assistance from sportscotland, to start considering the measures, risk assessments and processes that would need to be in place to operate safely and a roadmap to reach that point.  Whilst it is still too uncertain to advise when some of these steps could be taken; it will be important for the sector to be prepared when they are.

Best regards

Andy Sinclair


You can read the full Coronavirus (COVID-19): framework for decision making report here


Date published: 01 May 2020
Date updated: 18 November 2020


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