Latest sport and physical activity guidance

The Scottish Government updated the official guidance for exercise and activity on 10 September.

This guidance allows for participation in a wider range of sports and physical activity. During participation you should ensure you are applying physical distancing and good hygiene rules and following all other Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance.

A guide has been developed to enable Scottish Governing Bodies of Sport to develop sport-specific guidance for the Phase 3 return to sport and physical activity (updated 18 September).

You should follow the latest sport-specific guidance as published below.

Updated w/c 28 September

Updated w/c 21 September

Updated w/c 14 September

Updated W/C 7 September

Updated W/C 31 August

Updated W/C 24 August

Previous updates

Return to performance sport guidance

sportscotland and the Active Scotland Division of Scottish Government have been working with partners to develop guidance, appropriate to Scotland, which continues to follow the route-map through and out of the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the publication of Phase 1 Resumption of Performance Sport guidance, which allowed for an initial return to professional/performance sport for athletes, coaches and support staff.

This was followed up by Phase 2 which further helped support the return of competitive sport. It allows for individual indoor training for professional/performance athletes, with appropriate safety protocols, and also for small groups of athletes/staff to interact with closer contact outdoors. This can include close quarters coaching and tackling in team sports but this will be introduced in a phased approach.

We said we would continue to work with partners across the system to produce further guidance, as appropriate and when safe to do so. Approval has now been given by Scottish Government Ministers for the next phases of the Resumption of Performance Sport guidance which refer to the return of domestic and cross-border competition.

These measures, and those announced earlier this month, are very positive steps forward for the sport sector as we seek to rebuild our systems at all levels. We will continue to work with SGBs to advance our plans over the coming weeks.


Phase 3 Resumption of Performance Sport Step 3

Phase 3 Resumption of Performance Sport Step 4


Phase 2 Resumption of Performance Sport Guidance

Resumption of Performance Sport Step 1B Non-contact, indoor training

Resumption of Performance Sport Step 2A Close-contact, outdoor training


Resumption of Performance Sport (step 1A) Guidance

Resumption of Performance Sport (step 1A) Guidance Appendix


Date published: 27 May 2020
Date updated: 01 October 2020


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