If you are looking to get qualified as a coach and want to know more about how this can be funded then sportscotland can subsidise your UKCC qualifications.

UKCC is a national framework that aligns coach education programmes across sports throughout the UK.

There are 4 levels of recognised qualification:

Level 1 – Assisting a more qualified coach to plan and deliver aspects of a session, under supervision

Level 2 – Preparing, delivering and reviewing a coaching session on your own

Level 3 – Planning, delivering and evaluating an annual programme of coaching

Level 4 – This is currently under review and is more focussed on professional coaching and innovative coaching methods

Coaches will qualify for the following subsidy amounts:

Level 1 40% of full course cost with a maximum value of £100

Level 2 70% of full course cost with a maximum value of £400

Level 3 & 4 a variable scale of 25%, 50% or 75% of the full course cost

Apply for UKCC subsidy now

Date published: 01 September 2016
Date updated: 10 January 2017


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