Volunteer management for clubs

sportscotland offers ‘Supporting Coaches’ and ‘Volunteer Management for Clubs’ as part of our Volunteer Management portfolio to support those that develop and manage their club/organisation.

Volunteer Management for Clubs is a 3 hour classroom-based workshop designed to help you recruit, develop and recognise committee members more effectively, and covers key areas that are required to build a strong network of volunteers within your club, specifically committee members, as well as the abundance of helpers who sometimes do the small things that make the big difference. It will give you the opportunity to share your own good practice with others and pick up new ideas. The workshop is aimed at sports club representatives who may have a role in the recruitment, support & development and recognition & reward of club volunteers that the club needs to develop, manage, administrate and lead their club.

NB. If your focus is on the recruitment and retention of coaches (volunteer or paid), you should access our 3 hour workshop called ‘Supporting Coaches’.

By the end of this workshop you will;

By the end of the session you will have:

  • Identified methods to plan for effective recruitment
  • Explore best practice in successful inductions
  • Identified a range of methods to support volunteers
  • Identified a range of methods to recognize and reward volunteers

If you are interested in the workshop above, you can now request a workshop to take place

Date published: 02 September 2016
Date updated: 06 June 2017


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