Module 2 - The 3 keys to being a good coach

This module is called 3 keys to being a good coach. The module looks in depth at knowledge, communication and environment.

You can watch the video tutorial:

Or listen to the podcast:

You can also listen and watch these via the sportscotland Coaching app which can be downloaded from your app store by searching sportscotland.

Once you have completed this module you should take the Coaching Challenge set for you within the content. You can share your experiences within our Facebook group. If you haven't already joined our dedicated Facebook group you can do so here.

If you do not use Facebook please use the comments section in YouTube or on our app to submit your thoughts.

Additional resources

You can also download examples of how you can incorporate the 5Cs in to your practice

Date published: 07 October 2016
Date updated: 17 January 2018


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