Coordination and control

Coordination and control - Coach Connect

Introduces how the coaching process and the environment a coach creates can impact upon the following:

  • Coordination and Control
  • The likelihood for skill exploration
  • The number of ‘trials’ and feedback experienced
  • Skill retention and transfer 
  • An understanding of the importance of errors, 
  • Maintaining a level of skill performance under pressure 
  • How an athlete adapts and learns given number of trials and their understanding of errors

Find out more by watching this short intro video to the topic:


Introduce 2 laws of movement (influencing movement time/reaction time) and how these laws impact upon coach and athlete behaviour. 

Workshop dates and resources for this topic can be found below.  If there are no workshops coming up then you can request one for your club or hub.


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Date published: 02 September 2016
Date updated: 22 February 2017


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